• This is a nice room HEPA filter because it's quiet, it looks nice, it's small enough to fit many places (smaller than a robot vacuum), it's well made, and the controls are much more advanced than the other four HEPA filters I have.


  • Was using one of their other models in my shop to get the fine dust out of the air but switched to this one because it automatically spins down to a lower RPM when the air is 'clean'. Bonus is that it changes color based on air quality was well, which is pretty cool.


  • The dehumidifier came in a portable size as advertised. Its build quality is solid, and runs in a relative low noise comparing to other dehumidifier i have tried so far. I placed it in my living room downstairs to keep it dry, in around 20+ minutes it decreased the humidity level from 65 to 55 which does the job i expected from it very well. Worth the price!


  • This product works well . No doubt it dried up my basement and made it a usable space. We found that there was less mold on the fabric, and my store had to store a lot of stuff in the basement, potato chips, snacks, soda and all kinds of groceries. I'm no longer afraid to put things in the basement. Thank you very much !

    Daren Lee

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